Where did you grow up?
I was born and bred in New York City, other than 5 years living in Philadelphia during my elementary school years. I moved to California on my own in my early 20’s and it was thereafter that I truly started to grow up.

Who has influenced you?
My mentors and teachers along the way have been many, a continual life-long thread of positive role-models that inspired, encouraged, and nurtured my sensitive nature, individualism, intellect, and soul. Some I read about starting in childhood and there are even some that have become life-long friends.

Why TCA?
I have a passion to engage with the culture of all times and the TCA is one of the main cultural hubs of Taos, offering such a rich diversity across the spectrum of artistic endeavor to stimulate, challenge and nurture the hungry soul. It is imperative that we protect our cultural heritage, no matter what…

What was the first TCA event you attended?
I have experienced so many memorable moments here, the first is now simply in the grand mix of memory.

What inspires you?
Beauty – which surrounds in the natural world…which is in the eyes and souls of those whose paths I cross…which is expressed in extraordinary human endeavor of all kind
Brilliance – of mind, heart, spirit
Character – courage, integrity, compassion, perseverance, generosity

What else do you love about Taos?
I have found the essence of Taos is the diversity of those who have chosen to live in the shadow of this majestic mountain range under skies of seemingly unearthly light. There is a palpable communal spirit found throughout the town, no matter what circles of life one engages and deep friendships flourish here.

Who’s your favorite Taos artist?
Over more than a century there have been numerous exceptional artists working in all disciplines of the Arts that have made Taos their home and I admire each for their acute perception, interpretation and expression.

Favorite music or musician?
I love all really good music, no matter the genre. We are so fortunate in this region to have such a wealth of great talent to choose from across the musical spectrum, with offerings from exceptional local troubadours to international stars, singer – songwriters to contemporary classical and jazz composers, each with a unique voice.

Favorite film?
I am passionate about fine films of all time and place and admire the extraordinary talent and vision of the legions of artists, craftspeople and technical wizards involved in this universal medium of communication. There have been numerous masterpieces that are thought-provoking, educational and entertaining works that challenge, open minds and touch our emotions as we confront the human condition and the world around us, natural and otherwise.

Tell us something about you that nobody knows.
Every day is an act/pact of courage to transcend my pre-conceived limitations and be my own best self.