TCA Radio Hour

Archive 2021


Chris Dahl-Bredine


Chris Dahl-Bredine, an aerial photographer based in Taos, shares his love for flying and his artistic work with Alice Morillon.

Music for this episode: Woven Talon

Nina Elder


Nina Elder, artist and activist based in New Mexico, shares with Alice Morillon her work and reflections on art & science, social justice and climate change. 

Music for this episode: Jessica Pavone

JuanIsidro Concha


JuanIsidro Concha, author of the Taos News video-series “In the Valle,” talks with Chelsea Reidy about race and reconciliation in Taos and beyond.

Pamela Pereyra


Pamela Pereyra, media educator, consultant, producer and designer of over twenty years, talks with Chelsea Reidy. Pereyra is the founder and director of Media Savvy Citizens, an organization that supports New Mexico youth in becoming future-ready, media-fluent and engaged with their community.

Jasmine Heiss & Jack Norton


Jasmine Heiss & Jack Norton of the Vera Institute talk with Colette LaBouff. Heiss and Norton research the human and social impact of mass incarceration, and work to craft solutions that can help end an overreliance on prisons and jails across the country.

Helena Hernmarck


Helena Hernmarck, a renowned tapestry artist, talks with Colette LaBouff. Hernmarck’s weaving brings vibrant colors and details to life, as she, row by row, creates pictures at her loom.

Luis Barela


Luis Barela invites us to step into the world of wood carving, as he shares stories, history and passion for the path.
Elizabeth Lo talks about her new film Stray.

Letter from a Theater


It’s been a year since the theater closed its doors. TCA reflects with performing artists by reading articles and documents from the archives.

Omar Hernandez


Omar Hernandez, a Taos preschool teacher and musician, shares with us his energy and passions – whether it is working with children, grooving with music or learning new skills in producing artists.

María Korol


María Korol tells us about her intimate relationship to history and the place it holds in her creative life. The visual artist also shares her work of collaboration and interdisciplinary exploration of art forms. 

Claudio Saunt


Colette LaBouff talks with Claudio Saunt, author of Unworthy Republic, The Dispossession of Native Americans and the Road to Indian Territory. Later in the hour, we catch up with recent news in the movie world.