TCA Radio Hour

Welcome! You will find here the most recent episodes of TCA Radio Hour. If you’re curious about a show that is not listed here, more are available in the 2021 and 2020 archives.

Cassandra Keyes


Cassandra Keyes, an archeologist in Northern New Mexico, shares her passion for understanding the history of the people of North America. She invites us into a world thousand of years old through artifacts, local dig sites and keen interest in people’s history. 

Bruce McIntosh


Bruce McIntosh talks about acting as a craft and the origins of metta theatre.

Kiki Shakti


Kiki Shakti is a filmmaker, videography mentor, and the founder of Kiki Love Productions in Taos, NM. We hear from Kiki about the craft of filmmaking, the art of radio, and where her artistic sensibilities originate. 

Howie Roemer


October marks 7 years since KNCE 93.5fm has been on the air. We hear from Howie Roemer, morning host and one of the managing partners, about how radio and music have been driving forces in his life.

Music for this Episode: Last to Know

Sarah Brafman


Sarah Brafman is Director of the D.C. Office & Senior Policy Counsel at A Better Balance, a national nonprofit that advocates for individuals’ ability to care for their own or their family’s health without jeopardizing their economic security.

David Garcia


David Garcia talks about his work in Northern New Mexico. His research on Mexican American culture has led him to consider the sense of community in places in transformation. He shares insights, stories and music. 

Music for this episode: Trio de Taos

Eric Lorberer & Wanjiku Wa Ngugi


Colette LaBouff talks with Eric Lorberer and Wanjiku Wa Ngugi.

Eric Lorberer is the editor and executive director of Rain Taxi Review of Books, an award-winning quarterly print journal.

Wanjiku Wa Ngugi is a writer, political analyst, and former director of the Helsinki African Film Festival in Finland.

Music for this episode: Music from Angel Fire

Martin Smith


Martin Smith is a journalist and writer, he talks to Collette LaBouff about his most recent book Going to Trinidad, A Doctor, a Colorado Town, and Stories from an Unlikely Gender Crossroads was published in April of 2021.

Music for this episode: Jack Lorang

Rosalie Norris


Rosalie Norris is an organizer, performer and radical educator. She talks about some of her recent projects and how her passion for art and theater influence her as an educator.

Music for this episode: Liz Longley



Anastacia Garcia Santistevan, Patrick O’Connell, Donne Gonzales and Gwendolyn Pieper share their relationship to gardening. Alice Morillon weaves their stories and insights into a unique reflection on the land and the beauty of farming.

Music for this episode: Lone Piñon

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