Where did you grow up?
Hong Kong

Who has influenced you (in whom you are today, personally or professionally)?
This is a question to which the answer I am still in the process of deciphering…

Why TCA?
It was August 1988.  We had traveled by train to Santa Fe from San Jose, CA for a week of opera, and decided, as it was our first time in New Mexico, to come to Taos for an overnight. The TCA was called the Stables Gallery then, and was right next door to the Taos Inn where we were staying in Room 118, and therefore the first art place I happened upon after checking in.

What was the first TCA event you attended?
The Melissa Zink solo exhibition in 1988.

What inspires you?
I wish I could say simply I am inspired by nature, or music, or gardening, or my dog, or poetry, or mathematics, or grocery shopping, or any one thing… but I would be grossly over-simplifying in attempting to answer that all important question. Truth be told, I am indiscriminately inspired by anything and everything… I am inspired by harmony as well as friction, by tranquility as well as chaos.  I am inspired by all hours of the day, new growth and dead refuse… I am inspired by all that gets me motivated to answer, to enact, or to explore.

What else do you love about Taos?
Whenever I am away, my heart aches… I suppose that is what makes me love Taos.

Who’s your favorite Taos artist?
Ahh, another tough one.  I don’t think I have learned or know enough to come to that conclusion yet.

Favorite music or musician?
This may make me sound very uncool, but I honestly cannot name a favorite band… I love to listen to anything that makes me unable to do anything but give it full attention, except when I am driving cross country, when I have found opera, jazz, classical, rock, appropriate accompaniments at different part of the day, and the varied terrains I am covering… I am just not particularly interested in any form of music that I can relegate to the background when I am working or getting on with life.

Favorite film?
I am a film person, so I am going to plead cowardice, and not commit myself.

Tell us something about you that nobody knows about.
I would like to think that I put on a very good facade by which I exude confidence, intelligence and feeling full of certainty.  Well, actually I am very shy, awkward, and retiring. I pretend I am fast like lightning, but actually I am very slow moving.  I may look like I know where I am going, but I am almost always feeling a bit lost, which I personally don’t mind at all, because that gives me the impetus to be always seeking.