Where did you grow up?
San Antonio and then Houston, Texas.

Who influenced you?
My father, my late husband, and my current husband.

Why TCA?
I was asked to be a board member, having no knowledge of art and artists. I was warmly welcomed and asked to study and write about the history of Arthur Manby and the Manby House for the TCA. I was also asked to determine if the Manby House could acquire listing on the National Register of Historic Places. (The Manby House was placed on the State Register of Cultural Properties on January 25, 1980). After submitting the application to the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division, I was informed that the Manby House was actually part of the Taos Downtown Historic District and was listed on the National Register on July 8, 1982. As a result of this research, I became very interested in the Manby House and the TCA and their historic importance to the town of Taos.

My scientific career was spent writing research grants, primarily to the National Institutes of Health. As I enjoy writing grants, I volunteered to assist the TCA in acquiring grants to support our various endeavors. While I have not been terribly successful so far, I feel this is a good way to support the TCA and the community it serves.

What was the first TCA event you attended?
I believe an opera—invited by Peggy and John Hamilton.

What inspires you?
Exceptional people and a life-time of learning.

What else do you love about Taos?  
I love the ever-present sun, golf, the welcoming community, the landscape, the cloudscapes, and the people of Taos.

Who is your favorite Taos artist?
Maybe Anne Hudson.

Favorite music or musician? 
Brandi Carlile.

Favorite film?
“Love Actually.”

Tell us something about you that nobody knows.
I hold no secrets—I am a very happy person married to an adorable, wonderful man who endures my cleaning, aerobics, and organizational obsessions. I love being busy, I love making lists of jobs to do, and then checking off accomplishments, no matter how trivial. I love gardening and growing orchids, and traveling the US and Canada in our AirStream.