Where did you grow up?
Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Who has influenced you?
My mom. She was incredibly creative and kind.

Why TCA?
Because of everything it has done and all the things it can do for our community.

What was the first TCA event you attended?
Taos Talking Pictures, back in 2001

What inspires you?
Small moments of honest emotion.

What else do you love about Taos?
I love to surround myself with creative energy. Since I first came here in 2001, Taos has been a source of artistic inspiration — from the beauty of our natural surroundings to the wonderful community that exists here.

Who’s your favorite Taos artist?
I have two; Theresa Gray, I admire her emotional connection to her surroundings, she creates a moment and a feeling for you to be a part of and Greg Moon, he has a playfulness and sense of humor in his work that makes me happy.

Favorite music or musician?
Depends on my mood…Nina Simone, The Pretenders, Joan Jett, Otis Redding, Odetta, The Replacements, Missy Elliot, Beastie Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Waylon Jennings, The Slits, Patsy Cline, John Coltrane, Artie Shaw…I could go on forever…

Favorite film?
I can’t pick one…City of God, Lost in Translation, Casino, The Royal Tennebaums, Singin’ in the Rain, and Spaceballs.

Tell us something about you that nobody knows.
I collect dictionaries for their illustrations and I always have bouncy balls in my purse in case I cross paths with someone who needs cheering up.