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The Squirm Burpee Circus

Thursday, April 26, 2012 7:00 PM
Making their mark on the Vaudeville Nouveau movement in America, The Squirm Burpee Circus is an exhilarating, fantastical adventure featuring classic Vaudeville comedy, high-skill circus acts and a plot rooted in American Melodrama. Forged in the fire of Denver’s Handsome Little Devils Productions, The Squirm Burpee Circus is a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience that leaves audience chanting for more.

Featuring an eye-catching cast and a beautiful, Cirque-like aesthetic, The Squirm Burpee Circus can sustain itself on eye candy alone. But they don’t stop there! The show explodes with high-energy acts like The Human Cannon, The Ladder of Love and Chainsaw Juggling, not to mention classic Vaudeville comedy routines, hilarious romantic antics and swing dancing!

The Baron Vegan von Hamburger, your humble host and sworn enemy of the Squirm Burpee Circus, will take you on a journey back in time with his breathtaking Monkey-Powered Circus Wagon. In side the Circus, anything can happen, and the Baron can’t wait to put an end to it all!
On the other hand, Mike the Handsome and Dashing Dave are two dapper Vaudevillians and world-class jugglers trying to put on a show, despite their unique girl problems. Dave falls in love with a new audience member every show, while Mike has forsworn love altogether! Add the Mike-obsessed Lovely Little Lolo to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for romantic disaster! Together, Dave and Mike evoke the brotherly comedy of the Smothers Brothers, Martin and Lewis and the like, while Mike and Lolo’s hilarious antics are reminiscent of I Love Lucy.

Throughout the show, the evil Baron Vegan von Hamburger is plotting to destroy them, and it will take a real change of heart for him to let the Circus go! Will Dave ever find his One True Love? Will Lolo win Mike’s heart? Will the Baron succeed and obliterate them once and for all? When the show begins, you’ll wish you brought your bedpans!

Ticket prices are $12 for TCA members, $15 for the general public and $7 for youth 15 and under. Tickets may be purchased by calling the TCA office at 575-758-2052 or at the box office.

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