TCA BigScreen @ HOME

TCA BigScreen@Home is a virtual cinema program.
When watching movies with TCA, you're making sure that independent, daring and diverse movies thrive. Your money is directly supporting production and distribution companies - and TCA!
TCA film committee has been keeping an eye out for you.
Passionate discussions and elaborate arguments eventually lead to movie selections. See the calendar below. Tell us what you think!
Click on the movie you want to watch.
Then, click on the WATCH MOVIE link. After that, you will “buy a ticket,” and be able to view the film. See our FAQ below for all useful information.


There is currently no virtual cinema available.


Where do I watch the movies? Watch on your computer, smartphone, tablet. Or, depending on the film, cast to your Apple TV, Google Chromecast or Roku. Instructions for how to watch on smart TVs are available at ticket purchase.

Why do movies cost between $10 – $12? These offerings are new releases and/or not widely available films. If you were going to see this on a big screen, a single entry at TCA costs between $7-$8.50. If there are 2 or more of you, it’s a deal! And even though TCA does not set the ticket price (the digital distributors do), we receive 50% of ticket sales.

Why are time frames for viewing upon purchasing a ticket different? Virtual cinema platforms differ depending on the film’s distributor. The entire film industry is working fast to pivot during this time when social gatherings are prohibited. So, for now, there is no industry standard and different organizations have different ideas for how to “present” films digitally. 

What’s the TCA film committee? A group of staff and Board Members who love movies and feel passionate about our community! This committee is a project in-process. More information coming soon!

We Thank YOU for your continued support of independent films, TCA, and other theaters like us that are dedicated to presenting films on the big screen.

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