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Saundra Bouchie, UNM adjunct theatre faculty

Saundra is an actress and director. She has been directing for the last 10 years. She teaches a dual credit acting class at Taos High School and is teaching voice and movement at UNM-Taos.

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Dancer Dearing, Director of Marketing and Programming

Dancer is a lighting designer and technician and is a Stage Manager. She is currently business manager for Working Class Theatre.

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Olgateresa Gonzalez Baigas is a website designed "For and About" Taos. Our site is an Information Website highlighting Taos and Northern New Mexico including Geography, History, Visual and Performing Arts, Writers and more. invites writers and opinions, photographs and more to contribute to our website. Free websites will be supplied to aspiring writers. Artists can submit work for sale for a…

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Danny Kovacs, Actor/Director/Teacher

Danny Kovacs has been a professional actor, director and instructor for more than 25 years. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Mr. Kovacs was founding director and a leading actor for Western Edge Theatre, a new poetic theatre. A classically trained actor, he began to learn his craft at North Carolina School of the Arts. There, he was particularly…

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Kathleen Lowson, CEO, Lowson International Studios

A New York native, Kathleen’s professional career has spanned over two decades, where she presided as Vice President of a New York advertising firm and later as Founder/CEO of Lowson International Studios, a motion picture production company in Los Angeles. Kathleen is a professional screenwriter, director, producer and photographer. Kathleen founded Lowson International Studios to fulfill her goal for autonomy,…

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Deryle Lujan

Mr. Lujan was most recently cast in Ron Howard's The Missing(2003).

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Robert Mirabal

My music is informed by the ceremonial music that I've heard all my life. What I create comes out of my body and soul in a desire to take care of the spirits of the earth.

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Ronald Usherwood, Diretor

Ron has directed numerous productions in his 30 years of theatre experience. He is an acting instructor and coach as well as a video editor.

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