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Ronald Usherwood, Diretor

Ron has directed numerous productions in his 30 years of theatre experience. He is an acting instructor and coach as well as a video editor.

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Delinda VanneBrightyn

Sculptor, Delinda VanneBrightyn, works in kiln-formed glass and bronze to create contemporary figurative and organic abstract works which speak of life, growth and revelation.

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Jim Wagner

Paintings of landscapes and his singular animals are perhaps the most popular subjects, though his paintings of women (particularly those painted in the late 70s and early 80s) are also in great demand.

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Johnathan Warm Day

Contemporary acrylic paintings depicting life in Northern New Mexico.

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Suzanne Wiggin

The scenes in Wiggin's paintings may come from the use of imagination, but they are not imaginary.

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Willi Wood

The photographs are pictures of my home, northern New Mexico. Living here has taught me compassion and respect for all people and cultures.

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Angie Yazzie

Each piece has its own unique design of fire clouds from the firing. Angie's work is recognized for the thinness of the walls and the variety of shapes.

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Zoe Zimmerman

The diptychs strive to reveal something of this process of choosing by including choices for the viewer. I have essentially solidified an 'indecisive moment.'

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