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Robert Mirabal

His first flute came when he was 18 with money he borrowed from his grand mother, and shortly after wards he had the opportunity to meet Native American flute player R. Carlos Nakai who greatly influenced him.

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Greg Moon, Owner/ Artist

Keeping the funky in Taos. Located on Gallery Row in the central historical district, Greg Moon Art prides itself in continuing the fine art traditions of Taos. We specialize in contemporary works ranging from oils to assemblage. Our annual national show endeavors to provide a showcase for up and coming talents to gain exposure in the New Mexico art market…

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Rod Morgen

Painting the New Mexico landscape as seen from the kayak. Oils, watercolors and pencil sketches.folio for artist Dan March. Delightfully haunting images of monsters, mystery, and magic.

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John Murray

The Vestige series sculptures embody a feeling from the past yet are very much of the present and future. As such, they might be described as markers reminding us of the illusion of linear time.

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Zarina Nazari, soprano & pianist

Zareena is a classically trained soprano and pianist. She currently resides in Taos, NM, and offers instruction locally. Her vocal ability brings to her audience a sort of peaceful elegance and beauty whatever the repertoire may be. In addition, she has composed various solo piano pieces. She passionately sings in numerous languages spanning several musical styles, such as Classical, Operatic,…

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Jenna Neilsen, Actor, Director, Professor of Theatre

Jenna Neilsen is an actor/director who lives and works in southern Colorado. She earned her MFA in theatre pedagogy: performance from Virginia Commonwealth University and now teaches at Adams State University. Jenna is interested in multi-facets of performance and would love the opportunity to collaborate with other artists.

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Margaret Nes

Margaret Nes has lived in the Taos area since 1969 & continues to work as a visual artist here. Her primary medium is pastel, & her pieces include many local landscapes & architectural subjects. Her style is distinctive and reflective of her deep commitment to this area she calls home. Her work can be seen in Taos at the Wilder…

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Richard Nichols

Richard strives to render, in his words "a visual poem" with each stroke. Whether brushed in oil, a textured charcoal to a splashing stroke of watercolor he tries capture not of the knowing but of the feeling. Allowing that unknown creative spirit to be the guide of his works from that of a Sunflower petal of a Still Life, Bustling…

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Valerie Nielsen

Just as sound/vibration is seen as an originating vehicle in this process of manifestation, I utilized a diagrammatic version of measuring sound waves as a formal element in these paintings, as a means to convey the cycle of origin and return.

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Carol Nolte, Choreographer

Carol Nolte is Artistic Director of Dance Collective. She choreographs for her company in NYC and Taos. She has produced dance festivals in both locations.

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Jarosson Nukowski

Surrealist Painting — art, painting, Fine Art, Gallery, Surrealist Painting, Museum, Angels, Fantasy

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Ken O'Neil

My goal is to paint images that can exist in two worlds, the ancient and the modern.

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Clare O'Neill, Exhibitions Manager

Open Call for Entries for All Photographers Theme: Portraits Juror: David E. Little, Curator and Head of Photography and New Media at Minneapolis Institute Arts (MIA) Entry Fee: $30 up to 5 images; $10 each additional (no limit on number that may be submitted) Prizes: $300 for 1st; $200 for 2nd; $100 for 3rd Entries Due: October 24, 2009 Notice…

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Robert Parker, Artist

Robert Parker is an artist living in Taos that works in glass, painting, sculpture and printmaking. His works are derivative of light, pattern and color.

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Pat Pollard

As an abstract painter, my influences are not always obvious, even to me. The narrative or base layer of a painting begins long before paint touches canvas, starting with a concept that is synthesized and distilled into the bones of two-dimensional form. Composed of color layers that alternate warm and cool within a minimal structure, my work is inspired by…

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