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Jan Haller, Facilitator/Painter, Magic Brush Studio

The experience of painting changed my life. In the invitation to paint I found the freedom to paint anything, to pick any color and to drop any concern about the results. There was a feeling of getting to know myself for the first time. At once, I was at home and in a new world. The fullness of what I was feeling inside had the permission to move and express itself. The energy of painting honestly, freely, and wildly burned up any attachment to the outcome. The great, accepting arms of creativity cradled me, and I began to understand the unnamed sense I had, that I could paint very simply from within. Now, 30-plus years later, thousands of paintings have flowed from my brush. The journey continues to be wondrous, strong and surprising. Painting remains fresh, vibrant, and mysterious. It opens rusty places, filling them with the abundance of life itself. Painting brings me into the present with an amazing tool to enter all the discomfort and joy this life offers. My studio, called Magic Brush Studio, is my home away from home where I am delighted and honored to invite others to join me here for this amazing painting journey.
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