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Brenden Jemison, Contemporary, abstract painter

Brenden Jemison was raised in upstate New York. His father is an artist and he knew from an early age that he would follow the same path. At age seventeen Jemison moved to New York City. He lived in and around the city for years. Jemison explored and was inspired by the magnificence and influence of the work being created and shown in New York at the time. He was especially influenced by the abstract expressionists Rothko and DeKooning, whose work still greatly influences his painting. Jemison attended the Art Students League before returning to upstate New York. He lived with his father, the artist G. Peter Jemison, and learned about his Native American Seneca heritage. During his five years living with his father Jemison became more and more involved with the Iroquois society and culture. He was part of many Youth and Elder camps that educate young Iroquois about their culture and teach them how to live off the land. Through these camps Jemison was introduced to The Tracking Project. He spent five years with the Tracking Project teaching intensive outdoor survival. Jemison travelled throughout the western United States and to the jungles and pantanal of Brazil. He eventually moved to The Tracking Project’s base in Albuquerque, NM. Jemison was immediately enchanted by New Mexico. After spending a few years in Albuquerque, he moved to Taos in 1999 to dedicate himself entirely to painting. The peace, solitude and beauty of Taos allowed for the influences of his life, both personal and artistic, to come together. Jemison says “the magic of northern New Mexico made real for me the colors I had only seen in my mind, or in the works of artists I’ve admired, like Vincent Van Gogh”. He has called Taos home ever since.
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