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Steven Gootgeld

I am inspired by my personal international experiences, existential psychology, the cosmic connectedness of us all, architecture and the natural world. My passion is to explore ideas that bring my personal psychology to a new or uncomfortable edge so that I break old patterns of thinking or behavior. Next, I explore what that idea or breakthrough might look like, what colors represent it, or what relationships of form and texture might convey it. The challenge of putting these ideas into three dimensional ceramic results in sculpture that pushes my medium well beyond accepted limits while conveying ideas that can take me or the viewer out of the ordinary world into a place of reconsideration. I want my work to be transformational. Each piece can take up to six weeks to complete, and are fired up to five times in my wind-powered digital kiln in order to produce the layered glaze effects my work is known for. Ceramic offers me a relationship to the mineral kingdom, resulting in a personal grounding. The visceral experience of manifesting thought into form, employing clay, cannot be matched by any other medium. I am able to stay in my creative space by intentionally creating a simple lifestyle. Constantly regarding everything I hear, see and feel as relationships to in-form my mind, I am always mentally creating and recreating physical forms. My work represents captured moments of my surreal and existential world.
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