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5Th Annual Members Open Exhibition
Encore Gallery: January 17, 2017 to March 13, 2017

The TCA Presents a 20" x 20" Challenge. Create a work of art that is 20" x 20" for the upcoming Members Open Exhibition in January 2017. Work in whatever media you prefer, but the work must 20" square, finished or framed. All work will be displayed in the Encore Gallery and curated in groupings that will play with the 20" x 20" formats. A work of art with works of art! Meet the challenge and begin your creative process now.

Exhibition Curators TBA

Tuesday, January 17th, 10am to 2pm - Drop off art work at Encore Gallery
Thursday, January 19th, - Opening receptio from 4-6 pm
Monday, March 13th, 10am – Pick up art work at EncoreGalley

Must be a member of TCA to participate. Please update membership before drop off date.
Exhibition is open to emerging as well as established artists.
Media: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media and photography.
All accepted work must be original.
Work must be 20” x 20" square finished or 20" x 20" framed.
Artist may submit one piece.
All work will be available for purchase during the exhibit. Artwork sold through the TCA is tax free.
Artist will receive 60% of retail sales price and TCA will retain a commission of 40% if work is sold.
TCA has limited security at the gallery and artwork is not insured, thus all art is hung at artist’s risk.
Open Hours will be during TCA events and during the day depending on volunteers. Artists are encouraged to provide one day each to gallery sit.
Art will be shown in the Encore Gallery

Submit work at the Encore Gallery on Tuesday January 17th from 10am to 2pm. Please provide the following information with work



E-mail Address


Title of work, date, medium


RETAIL sale price (before TCA commission is taken)

Gallery Affiliation / Studio


I am willing to ‘gallery sit’___ Yes___No