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TCA Presents: Giant Desk Plays

TCA Presents is doing something new and exciting! Staff at the TCA and community theater members are producing The Giant Desk Plays by our local playwright Ned Dougherty. The production is a series of 7 flash act that examine snippets of life staged around a huge desk, a symbol that holds different meanings in each of the acts. The flash acts are profound and entertaining.

As with any live production it takes a village. Below is the list of village members:

Chelsea Reidy /director
Rita O’Connell /assistant director
Jazzmine Freedom /stage manager
Wanashe Frank /technical director
Irene Loy/ dramaturg. voice specialist
Scott Lestage /sound design
Bruce Williams /scene designer. builder
Scott Evans /scene builder
Mikala Martinez /costume and prop designer
Carolyn Kalom /costume and prop designer
Maurice Palinsky /costume and prop designer
Cecilia Cuff /concept designer
Todd Ritchie /theater manager. core planning advisor
Mary Hunzicker-Dunn /core planning advisor
Susan Nuss /core planning advisor

Wilfred McGuire
Gina Gargone
William Hall
Susan Nuss

Save the dates for May 31, June 1, June 7, and June 8th for live theater that brings our community together in making art.



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